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By using a multi-channel retail platform like Asaan Retail, you can experience a multitude of perks that assist you in improving the critical areas of your business process. However, to further streamline the functional flow of your business by leveraging some actionable features and utilities, it is mandatory to get valuable insights into different aspects of your business model.

Asaan Retail’s main dashboard makes it easier to have a quick view of your business KPIs by offering insightful widgets. Let’s look into what our purchasing status widget offers and how it helps you track your purchases from different vendors/suppliers.

Asaan Retail Purchasing Status Widget

Asaan Retail’s reporting dashboard offers a dedicated ‘Purchasing Status’ Widget. It allows you to add filters to get custom views of your purchases from your vendors.

For instance, you can apply the filter on purchasing status widget to get purchase data for a particular time frame and fetch data from the system for a quick view of open purchase orders, low-in-stock, and out-of-stock products.

Here’s how your purchasing status widget appears on Asaan Retail’s interactive dashboard:

Purchasing Status widget offers 3 panels as explained below:

  • Open-purchase orders - Purchase orders that can still have some transactions or undergo changes. Whereas, completed purchase orders are locked for editing.
  • Products low in stock - It shows the number of products in your inventory having a quantity below the Stock Re-Order Levels. You can define a certain level of the threshold for any product on Asaan Retail to define the minimum amount of stock that you must keep in your inventory to sustain the sales cycle. (A recommended threshold may vary from business to business and depends upon multiple factors like the health of your supply chain, time to purchase, availability of products, global determinants, etc).
  • Products out of stock - As the name suggests, it showcases the number of products that ceased to exist in your inventory and need to be restocked.

Asaan Retail Purchasing Status Widget - Filters

Additionally, you can get purchasing status KPIs for different inventory locations using the Locations filter at the top.

You can also add other filters to your purchasing KPIs based on the particular time frame.


Asaan Retail Purchasing Status Widget Filters

Use this filter to


Fetch report of all purchase products


Fetch report for a user-defined time frame


Fetch purchasing status of the current day


Fetch purchasing status on the day prior to the current day

Last 30 Days

Fetch purchasing status during the course of last 30 days

Last 90 Days

Fetch purchasing status during the course of last 90 days

Last 6 Months

Fetch purchasing status during the course of last 6 months

Last 12 Months

Fetch purchasing status during the course of last 12 months.



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