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Leveraging a feature-rich multi-channel retail platform – like Asaan Retail – already offers a range of advantages for your business. However, to further boost the efficiency of your business’s sales team and efficiently use valuable features and functionalities of Asaan Retail, your business needs access to insightful data and business KPIs in a more interactive fashion.

Asaan Retail Sales Widget

Asaan Retail’s reporting dashboard offers a built-in and simple-to-use ‘Sales Widget’. You can easily add, filter, and track your sales data for a quick overview of your live sales context in a presentable format.

For instance, you can filter your sales widget to get sales insights that focus primarily on a particular period and fetch data from the system for an instant view into sales KPIs during the selected time frame. 

Your sales widget appears on Asaan Retail’s interactive dashboard:

  • The above screen shows 16 orders generating PKR 14,166 revenue, out of which the Shopify store contributes 62%. 
  • The rest, 38%, are contributed by other stores (WooCommerce & Daraz) and manual orders on Asaan Retail (Adventure Gear Store). 
  • All your integrated stores will be visible in this panel based on the descending number of orders at any given time. For instance, the Shopify store has more orders compared to others and is listed on the top followed by WooCommerce and Adventure Gear store.
  • The panel gives insights into
    • Store Name
    • Its Percentage Contribution
    • Actual Sales
    • Actual Total Orders.

Asaan Retail Sales Widget - Filters

This sales widget showcases the total number of orders that have been created within a particular time frame, the separate orders count in different stores, and the number of manual orders in your physical store, as well as the revenue generated from all these orders.

You can further filter your sales KPIs based on the particular time frame.


Asaan Retail Sales Widget Filters

Use this filter to


Fetch report of all orders


For user-defined time frame


Fetch orders placed on the current day


Fetch orders placed on one day before the present day

Last 30 Days

Fetch report of orders placed over the last 30 days

Last 90 Days

Fetch report of orders placed over last 90 days

Last 6 Months

Fetch report of orders placed over last 6 months

Last 12 Months

Fetch report of orders placed over last 12 months.

For instance, if you want to view sales KPIs from yesterday, simply select “Yesterday” from the dropdown menu at the top-right corner of the sales widget. You will get the number of orders placed on the day before the current day with the total revenue generated from these orders. For instance, you will be getting the total number of orders reduced from 16 to 0.

You can also get sales KPIs for different inventory locations or a combination of different inventory locations using the Locations filter at the top.

Asaan Retail Sales Widget - Sales by Stores

A dedicated “Sales by Stores” panel allows you to simply track the record of your orders from different stores and integrate new stores directly without going deeper into settings. A separate panel of each store also shows the percentage contribution of each store out of total orders.


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